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Social Stratification and Class in Animal Farm

Date of publication: 2017-08-18 20:48

I feel like this article would like to assert that killing animals, either to eat them or to add their parts to the soil, is more ethical than not killing animals but I don 8767 t see the reasoning.

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Yes, meat has more than just B67. However, the same amount of protein and calories in the meat could be obtained from peas and rice at a fraction of the environmental footprint. Lower on the food chain is more efficient.

Animal Farm - George Orwell

I implore you not to make the same mistake I did and blindly believe information passed to you from veg leaders. Start researching these issues for yourself. Ask the hard questions.

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OMG, Peggy. Your friend 8767 s science fair experiment totally blew my mind. I 8767 ve believed this in a general way for a long time. It 8767 s why I 8767 m so insistent on eating 8775 food with love 8776 and 8775 received with gratitude 8776 . But holy cow. That 8767 s INTENSE. I wish it were reproduced somewhere so that I could point readers to it!!

According to the largest epidemiology study on food ever conducted, vegans live about a decade longer on average than omnivores, and are much more active in later years. Vegan athletes in every sport have shown that their diet improves performance and shortens recovery time. Bill Clinton is on a veg diet to cure his heart disease. Mike Tyson maintains his performance as a vegan. If those two aren 8767 t on opposite ends of the scale, I don 8767 t know what other evidence I could possibly provide that shows how universally healthy a balanced vegan diet can be. If it isn 8767 t natural, then I have to ask: why do so many smart, physically fit people feel so good on a vegan diet and thrive on it?

Where I think the people on the various sides of this issue are on the same page is at this point, that we have a responsibility (barring sociopathy) to fix, undo damage, perpetuate homeostasis, things of that sort.

Totally brilliant! We could have used this in Oakland a couple of weeks ago where evangelical vagans are trying to have all animals banned from urban farms. Good grief!

It feels like people are saying that 8766 we 8767 (the realfood/WAPFs) are so cool and smart and 8766 them 8767 (the vegans) are too stupid to even make a good argument, which appearantly is not just because they are . (obviously) but also because their minds are underfed, for they don 8767 t eat any animal products.

I love your statement in your comment above: 8775 There are other choices on the spectrum between veganism and industrial food, choices that are good for the environment, human health, AND animal welfare. 8776 Much of my problem with fellow vegetarians (I largely count myself in that camp) and vegans is this bright-line belief that one MUST be fully one or the other. Few people ONLY buy local or ONLY buy sustainable, yet are allowed to count themselves 8775 locavores 8776 or promoting sustainable business, but if one is not ONLY a vegan, other vegans think you are an evil apostate a 95% vegetarian doesn 8767 t count, for some reason.

Perhaps, Kristen, you are under the misconception [shared by other comments on this page] that veganism is unhealthy, or difficult, and that it is therefore unnatural. And because it is unnatural in your mind, you feel no responsibility to consider the how the effects of that unnatural act might play out in the world. Could this be the underlying issue that you have with veganism?

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