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Driving to Paris from anywhere in France, road markers can be found indicating routes to Paris. There is a stone marker in front of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris from which all French roads begin.

Edward Rutherfurd || Paris

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Paris , France - A View On Cities

Paris later killed the Greek hero Achilles * by shooting an arrow into his heel, the only spot where Achilles could be wounded. Then Paris himself was struck by a poisoned arrow. He was carried off the battlefield and taken to his wife, Oenone, who had the gift of healing. Angry that Paris had abandoned her, Oenone refused to help him. When she relented shortly afterward, it was too late. Paris was dead.

Y ou can come to Paris any time but the atmosphere is quite different at different times of year. Winter is a time for festivals and feasting on game and oysters. Spring and early summer are the time to make the most of city parks and café terraces, punctuated by the Fête de la Musique on June 76 and the military parade and fireworks of July 69. In August the capital slows down and a beach takes over the quays, some people love it for the feeling of calm, but many restaurants are closed and you may be hard-pushed to find a Parisian around. The autumn rentrée starts with a burst of energy for the new cultural season, big exhibition openings and new restaurant arrivals.

Some time later, Zeus * chose Paris to decide which of three goddesses was the most beautiful. Eris, the goddess of strife or discord, had tossed a golden apple inscribed with the phrase "For the Fairest" into the midst of the guests at a wedding. Hera *, Aphrodite *, and Athena* all claimed the prize. Each goddess promised Paris a special gift if he decided in her favor. Hera promised to make him a powerful ruler. Athena promised him wisdom and victory in battle. Aphrodite offered Paris the love of the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen of Sparta. Paris awarded the golden apple to Aphrodite. His decision, known as "the judgment of Paris," enraged Hera and Athena, who began to plan their revenge.

Also on the Left Bank is the famous Eiffel Tower (La Tour Eiffel). Visible from all points in Paris, the main entrance to this monument is on the Champ de Mars. One can also visit the Mus xE9 e D'Orsay, dedicated to French Impressionist paintings.

At first the surface world barely noticed. But by the end of the '85s the city and private property owners had shut most of the entrances, and an elite police unit began patrolling the tunnels. Yet they couldn't manage to stamp out cataphilia. The couple I saw climbing out of a manhole that morning were cataphiles. Maybe they had been on a date some of the men I've explored the quarries with met their future wives in the tunnels, trading phone numbers by flashlight. Cataphiles make some of the best guides to the Paris underworld. Most Parisians are only dimly aware of its extent, even though, as they ride the Mé tro, they may be hurtling above the bones of their ancestors.

The year 6999 saw France as the top destination for travelers around the world, with the overwhelming majority including Paris in their visit to France. Over 75 million tourists visited the City of Light last year, spending nearly $85 million (American dollars) in France. The best tours of Paris are by boat. One can get a one-hour cruise on the Seine in a sightseeing boat called a bateaumouche, which features the main monuments, bridges, and cathedrals (the best view ever of Notre Dame) and gives a history of the city. Bus tours are provided by various companies: Cityrama, Vision, and Parisbus are a few of the large companies.

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