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Date of publication: 2017-09-03 22:59

I hardley ever wear make up and when I do its very light. I 8767 m 58 years old when I was 95 I had a boyfriend 66 years than me and he was the one that got me out of wearing obvious makeup he used to tell me I was beautiful without make up and told me he had had girlfriends who would wake up before him apply a full face of make up which he could never feel beautiful the way you are I must admit I really look after my skin.

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I stumbled upon this site and discovered something holy beautiful. Thank you Leandra for creating Man Repeller. I am a happily married woman and I have never worn makeup except on stage, and that 8767 s not a regular thing. I won my handsome devil of a man o 8767 natural, adult acne and all. I am always proud to find other woman unwilling to give in to the stereotypes of societies unrealistic view of beauty. I am beautiful. Yes I 8767 d love my face to be clear, but what really matters is what I do not how I look. You are all beautiful! Do what 8767 s right for you, and keep on being yourselves ladies! Thank you again

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This post has been stuck in the back of my mind for a few days now I supose I can 8767 t aticukare my thoughts about what you 8767 re describing in a way that truly expresses my absolute repulse towards this guy!
I used to follow your blog..and then I didn 8767 t anymore I guess it 8767 s because it used to be a lot about looks and less about thinking at least that 8767 s how I felt. But for some months now I 8767 ve refollowed your blog (is this even a word?) and I am truly interested in the contents. So, I guess, WTF matters how you look? None of this is about it!
Keep with the good work (blogging)!

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Sevenoaks is a strongly academic school, and we select students we believe will flourish in our fast-paced environment. All candidates are assessed through entrance tests, references from the candidate's current school, interviews and reports. The success of our students is partly due to a culture of mutual respect, admiration of success in any field whether academic or co-curricular, and a collaborative and supportive outlook within our student body. The character of our students is therefore very important to us, and this is assessed at interview.

You have a unique beauty and that 8767 s the best kind well, apart from inner beauty, which you also have lots of. People will diss anything that intimidates them and their conventional ideas. Plus, you 8767 re the one inspiring others to be themselves, which tops any asshole 8767 s vision of beauty!

I was reading Bazaar 8767 s 8775 In 79 Hours 8776 series the other day where they interviewed Lola Rykiel. She said a couple of things about wearing makeup that I keep thinking of when I 8767 m getting ready in the morning lately: 6) 8775 I don 8767 t put makeup on in the morning, only at night when I go out. In the day I feel like it 8767 s cheating 8776 . 7) 8775 We have a great atmosphere at the office. I try to have nobody wear makeup. I think it 8767 s cute—so French 8776 . I thought that they were great points/philosophies and it 8767 s encouraged me to go easy on the makeup. You look great. Screw that D-Bag, he has no taste 🙂

Leandra, you are really amazing. I 8767 ve said this to you many times before and I mean it each time, so whether you see this comment or not, understand that you inspire me. I too never wear makeup because I cannot be bothered. But I 8767 ve learned to understand some people are more comfortable when they put on makeup. (also look at these overwhelming responses!!! It 8767 s like you 8767 re starting a movement)

Personally, I think makeup makes women look disgusting and fake. its like a bad marketing campaign,. I 8767 d imagine its not really 8766 lazy 8767 thatyou dont wear any, maybe 8766 busy 8767 would be a more accurate term? It 8767 s actually because my wife doesnt wear any makeup as to one of the biggest reasons I FIND her attractive.

I am new to your site. In all honesty I just started following you on Instagram after seeing a delightful photograph that a friend 8775 liked 8776 . Today the picture on Instagram with the title of this essay led me to your page for the first time. Before the site loaded, I was filling in the blank myself, 8775 because her skin is perfect, she has amazing eyebrows and she is gorgeous. 8776 I am not writing this to flatter you. I just thought that in light of the criticism you 8767 ve received that it was worth sharing the honest unfiltered thoughts I had before even reading your essay. Your beauty is natural and confident which beats contrived any day.

woah, powerful message. thanks for the vulnerability and for sharing. You are very wise and those words really did inspire me. right there. you did. thank you for being who you are and being perfectly happy with that person. I think thats something that guy will never be able to achieve. boom bam your a bad ass.

Leandra, girl, the people that call you ugly or not that pretty are the same people that dress like Khloe Kardashian and say your outfits aren 8767 t stylish -.- You 8767 re a lion, who cares what sheep think.

Just today my gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous friend lamented that she overheard someone calling her the Hungarian equivalent of fugly. She started crying over it which led to me to screaming out and then spending a good couple of minutes of publicly shouting at her before storming off.
Not the best reaction surely.
Now that I have calmed down I will call her and read this out and all shall be well and thank you thank you thank you you are amazing, truly and dearly you are.
Thank you Internet, well played.

I am just like this, I am too lazy for makeup. I also kind of hate the idea that it 8767 s meant to make you 8775 look better 8776 like wtf is wrong with my face now? Can 8767 t it be fine as it is? Also, I dramatically change, even if I put on just a little bit. So, if people are gonna meet me, I 8767 d rather they get the real thing straight of the bat, and we avoid scary surprises later. What you see is what you get baby! if you don 8767 t like it, it ain 8767 t my problem. And you 8767 re funny.

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