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Appearance Versus Reality In Hamlet English Literature Essay

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 03:19

Polonius enters, announcing the return of the ambassadors whom Claudius sent to Norway. Voltimand and Cornelius enter and describe what took place with the aged and ailing king of Norway: the king rebuked Fortinbras for attempting to make war on Denmark, and Fortinbras swore he would never again attack the Danes. The Norwegian king, overjoyed, bequeathed upon Fortinbras a large annuity, and urged him to use the army he had assembled to attack the Poles instead of the Danes. He has therefore sent a request back to Claudius that Prince Fortinbras&rsquo s armies be allowed safe passage through Denmark on their way to attack the Poles. Relieved to have averted a war with Fortinbras&rsquo s army, Claudius declares that he will see to this business later. Voltimand and Cornelius leave.

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Polonius shows his deceitfulness by giving his son his permission to stay in France but has a spy follow him. Polonius gives the appearance of being a kind and loving father who adores and trust his son but in reality he is a liar. He does not trust his son and shows this by sending a spy to watch his every move. The advice he so lovingly gives Laertes is all an act so he looks like a loving father.

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Throughout the play Polonius appears to be a loving and honest parent but in reality he is a liar and deceitful. Polonius strengthens the theme of appearance verses reality by demonstrating how his appearance is not his true nature. His true nature is a man of lies not the loving and caring man he tries to portray.

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Polonius attempts to converse with Hamlet, who appears insane he calls the old man a &ldquo fishmonger&rdquo and answers his questions irrationally. But many of Hamlet&rsquo s seemingly lunatic statements hide barbed observations about Polonius&rsquo s pomposity and his old age. Polonius comments that while Hamlet is clearly mad, his replies are often &ldquo pregnant&rdquo with meaning (). He hurries away, determined to arrange the meeting between Hamlet and Ophelia.

Rosencrantz smiles and says he wonders how Hamlet will receive a theatrical troupe that is currently traveling toward the castle. The trumpets blow, announcing the arrival of the actors (or &ldquo players&rdquo ). Hamlet tells his friends they are welcome to stay at Elsinore, but that his &ldquo uncle-father and aunt-mother&rdquo are deceived in his madness. He is mad only some of the time and at other times is sane.

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The characters in the play all show the theme appearance verses reality. Polonius, Rosencrantz. Guildenstern and King Claudius all appear to be sincere and trustworthy. However, in the end, Hamlet sees through their appearances to the reality of their true nature.

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