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(B) Each institution shall establish a specific prevention, escape and apprehension action plan which includes institution specific instructions for preventing an escape, and in the event of an escape: reporting, containment and security of the institution, mobilizing staff and information, formulating an action plan to apprehend the escapee(s), returning to normal operations and follow-up.

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(F) Information on approved vendors, product availability and making purchases will be appropriately provided to inmates, family members and other interested parties.

(A) Immobilizing security restraints may be used for the safety of persons and the security and good order of the institution. Immobilizing security restraints shall never be used as punishment. The use of immobilizing security restraints shall be governed by this rule and rule 5675-9-56 of the Administrative Code. The requirements of this policy shall not govern nor have application in mental health housing or in any use of restraints on a seriously mentally ill inmate under the supervision of healthcare treatment staff.

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(d) If a violation is denied, the RIB panel shall provide the inmate an opportunity to make a statement regarding the alleged violation.

(b) The chairperson shall accept the plea unless the chairperson finds that the facts do not support the plea, or that the inmate's version of the facts do not support the plea, or that the inmate does not understand the nature of the plea, the violation, or the proceedings. In this event the chairperson shall enter a plea of denial on behalf of the inmate.

(f) The hearing officer may issue focused restrictions on privileges . Focused restrictions on privileges shall not exceed ninety days for a first offense committed during the inmate's annual security classification review period and shall not exceed one hundred and eighty days for subsequent offenses during the inmate's annual security classification review period.

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