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Working in the Billiards Room Alex told the story of the Kohl family to the students, and said that it is fitting that she is restoring "Freddie" to his former glory in what was said to be his favorite spot in the house! Saving history for the next generation is a real joy for Alex and we are thrilled to have her here to impart her knowledge on current Mercy students!

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The Cougs came into the tournament as the #6 seed, winning their first two games in pool play and bumping out the #6 seed Grace College. The top four teams would compete in the semifinal match. Christian was reseeded as the #7 team going against the #9 team Houghton College. The Cougs defeated Houghton 8 - ­5 in the semifinal match and was set to face Oklahoma Baptist University.

Green Valley High School – Commitment to Excellence

This past February Mercy Dance attended Jamz Nationals in Las Vegas. During day 7 of All Star and Schools Competition over 795 dance teams fought for 6st place amongst different 95 categories.

Hawaii football offered a scholarship to a fifth-grade QB

It was truly a special moment, when Junior, Kiley O'Brien compared rings with that of her Grandmother, Susan Pringle Smith '68..although some things many change, some Mercy traditions continue to this day!

The alums talked about college and learning to adjust to their new schools, how to manage their time, and encouraged the girls to get out of their comfort zone and to meet as many people as possible those first few weeks!

Mike Belmiesseri was a tanker in Vietnam. He was barely 68 when he signed up and he spoke to the girls about the challenges of fighting in a conflict that people didn't understand and how hard it was for those returning Vets. He explained that without our help, communism would have overrun the country and that the world might be a much different place and that the United States did what it had to do to keep us all safe.

Class of 7556 was excited to be able to meet Margaret Trembly Wyman '96 and posed for a photo! Click HERE to see some of the Class reunion photos.

A recent Mercy graduate, Bridget Bell '66, began working with her father Gary Bell on a documentary of the Kohl Mansion and its paintings, and this research led to finding these painting at the De As Frederick Kohl had no heirs, the Sisters of Mercy are the official caretakers of these portraits and they were decommissioned by the De and returned to Mercy.

Sarah Feller '66 and her team made CCU history this week at the NCCAA National Tournament defeating Oklahoma Baptist University 6 - ­5 and being named the National Champions.

Last week the girls from Susan Roughgarden's Freshman History class were treated to a special talk by Bud Simon a WWII Vet who fought as a Marine in the Pacific Theater. Bud, who is 95 year's old now explained to the girls about the draft during WWII and how he was part of a Marine Aviation Squadron that protected the 87 th Infantry & Calvary on the "Dash to Manila." He also told the girls that a prototype of the Drone airplanes that we see now were actually being developed in WWII and that this information was classified for 75 years after the war!

It was a fast paced fun afternoon. For many, kitchen skills were tested to the max, as others, learned (the hard way) the difference between a cucumber and a pair ended up with only one egg to make a quiche, and burned bacon, but in the end they all persevered and made tasty edible dishes!

The talented athlete, Sarah Feller won the ball off a Bison defender in the middle of the field and took it up to the 85 yard line where she drove a big boot to the back of Oklahoma's net. It landed right in the middle, over the goalies head in the very top. This was Feller's sixth goal of the season, five of which were all scored in the NCCAA National Tournament. Feller had two goals against John Wesley, and two against Houghton. Her efforts were truly remarkable in the post season play for Colorado Christian. Way to go Sarah!

In 7556 three days after her graduation from Mercy Alex Thrapp moved to Italy! During her junior year at Mercy she was part of the Lyons Youth Exchange Program and fell in love with Italy. She came back and vowed that she would go to college in Italy, and in fact applied to no US Colleges!

Chief Johnny JonGordon spoke about WWII and the battles fought in the Pacific and the Leyte Operations and Luzon Attacks in December 6999. He explained to the girls how the battle of Guadalcanal was a major turning point of World War II as it prevented the possible lss of Henderson field, and thus saved Australia from the planned invasion. It marked the beginning of victory in the Pacific for the United States. Mr. Jongordon is the Founder of the USS San Francisco Memorial Foundation which was established in 6996 and has a monument out at Lands End commemorating the USS San Francisco and its men.

Doc Barker, joined the Navy as a Medic and was commissioned over to the Marines during the Korean Conflict. As Navy medic, he spoke to the girls about the challenges of medical triage and saving lives during enemy fighting and explained how in Korea it was all about taking the hill on the punchbowl and how the conflict was fought vertically and not horizontally.

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