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Sometimes there is even a specialized area of science that studies questions similar to the one for your science fair project. Believe it or not, there are actually people who study "roller coaster physics." (Is that a cool job or what?) Often a good topic for your background research is simply the specialized area of science that covers your project. For the roller coaster example you would research "roller coaster physics."

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Finding information for your background research is very similar. But, since libraries and the Internet both contain millions of pages of information and facts, you might never find what you're looking for unless you start with a map! To avoid getting lost, you need a background research plan.

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Both obesity and systemic inflammation promote cancer progression, although how obesity-associated inflammation affects cancer metastasis is poorly understood. Quail et al. now show that obesity induces cytokines that stimulate lung neutrophilia in mice, thereby promoting breast cancer metastasis.

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Did you see that coming? Wasn’t it just bound to happen? It is often difficult to recall how we initially felt about an event or outcome, knowing what we know about how things turned out. More

Sometimes you won't be sure whether a question is relevant or not, and that's always a good time to get the opinion of more experienced people like your mentors, parents, and teachers. In fact, the background research plan is a very important step of your science fair project and two or three heads are always better than one! Even with all that help, you may not be sure whether something is relevant until after you have done your experiment, so don't let it bother you if that's the case.

That's pretty easy! Now, what might be some of the main concepts that relate to these keywords? Let's think about spiciness first. You're going to do a science experiment, so knowing that a spicy food tastes "hot" is probably not sufficient. Hmmmm, this is a little tougher than finding the keywords.

7568 NSF GRFP awardee Lujendra Ojha led a study that suggests there is liquid water on Mars.

A new study led by scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology provides the strongest evidence yet that there is intermittent flowing liquid water on modern Mars. Using instruments on board NASA&rsquo s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), researchers measured spectral signatures of hydrated minerals on slopes where mysterious, possibly water-related streaks are found on the red planet. These streaks, known as recurring slope lineae (RSL), form and snake down the planet&rsquo s steep slopes during warm seasons when temperatures exceed -65 degrees Fahrenheit (-78 degrees Celsius). They disappear at colder times during the Martian year.

When you are driving a car there are two ways to find your destination: drive around randomly until you finally stumble upon what you're looking for OR look at a map before you start. (Which way do your parents drive?)

Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa fellow, Xichavo Alecia Ndlovu , named one of 755 promising South Africans for her accomplishments in higher education

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