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Date of publication: 2017-09-04 18:37

Flank of Wolf Mind,
Confirming Shepherd’s Staff
Timber-Wains and
the Fulsome Corn
Copper Caved,
Riven by Apples
Blessed Trout –
Glitter Dragon
of the Brown Stream.

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We hear it everywhere these days. Time for a new story. Some enthusiastic sweep of narrative that becomes, overnight, the myth of our times. A container for all this ecological trouble, this peak-oil business, this malaise of numbness that seems to shroud even the most privileged. A new story. Just the one. That simple. Painless. Everything solved. Lovely and neat.

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Naturally, what the characters do also tells us a lot about the people they are. Shaw's stage directions have already told us that Andrew Undershaft is good-natured and easygoing, and that impression is confirmed when we see that the arms dealer is super laid back (and yet sweetly apologetic) when he forgets how many kids he has... and is unable to figure out who is who:

Shaw essay of clues

Well, something piratical is happening. It is time to rescue the stories, re-hydrate the language, scatter dialectical inflection amongst the blunt lines of anthropological scribbles, muck up the typewriter with the indigo surge of whale ink.

If you were to create a sixth act to Pygmalion, who would Eliza marry? Or does she marry at all? Use the lines and behavior of the characters throughout the first five acts to support the outcome of your finale.

Comece escolhendo um tema da lista suspensa e clique em Selecionar. Uma lista é exibida com todos os arquivos do Modelo. Clique no nome de um arquivo para o carregar na tela de edição.

It has been said that Pygmalion is not a play about turning a flower girl into a duchess, but one about turning a woman into a human being. Do you agree?

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In his preface to the play, Shaw writes that the figure of Henry Higgins is partly based on Alexander Melville Bell, the inventor of Visible Speech. How does Shaw utilize this idea of "Visible Speech"? Is it an adequate concept to use to approach people?

No matter how unique we may consider our own era, I think that that these old tales – fairy, folk tales and myths – contain much of the paradox we face in these stormriven times. And what’s more they have no distinct author, are not wiggled from the penned agenda of one brain-boggled individual, but have passed through the breath of a countless number of oral storytellers.

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