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Tim: But I have to say, that our coda is a great moment for me. I have such a fucking pet peeve about people leaving their trash in the theatre. I don’t know when it became socially permissible to just leave your trash laying around. It sends me into a rage every time I go to the movies, the lights come up, and we walk out through piles of garbage. So when we did our coda I said to Rhett and Paul Wernick, “Alright, we’ve got to do something about this!” So we put a few lines in there and fuck it makes me feel good!

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In Spain, the movie 8775 Grease 8776 was translated as 8775 Brillantina 8776 which is the grease one puts in one 8767 s hair to style it, not vaselina. Also, it was left in English, with the translation in parenthesis underneath it. That was a proper translation, in my opinion.

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Es definitivamente algo muy trillado (cliché) de ustedes. Se imaginan que todo el Mundo debería de ser y pensar como ustedes americanos, que todo el Mundo debería de manejar el dólar estadounidense, que todo el Mundo debería de funcionar y tener sus nombres de calles en inglés etc etc etc. Desafortunadamente, aplicas la misma mentalidad errónea por la traducción de los títulos de películas estadounidenses. Déjame decirte que ya me peleé muchas veces con los estadounidenses como tú que piensan como tú, ya sea en Canadá y en México. Se imponen e imponen a todo lo que es de ellos, su mentalidad, su idioma, si divisa, incluso a su cultura. Y cuando no es como en los . muchos de ustedes, estupidamente y por razones que no me puedo explicar, se quejan ja ja ja, Ay ¡no manches!

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Remember they don 8767 t translate or have to translate the title, it is not about translating movies titles but build, make new ones custom-made, for another country, culture and language. A title does not have to respect the original title either, as long as it makes sense in the translated idiom, as long as the will be comprehensive and which people of which country will rather like according to focus groups.

An American Girl: Saige Paints the Sky
An Inconvenient Truth
Black Hawk Down
Bratz: Babyz: The Movie
Bratz: Super Babyz
Charlotte 8767 s Web 7: Wilbur 8767 s Great Adventure
Failure to Launch
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Lalaloopsy Girls: Welcome to . Prep School
Last Holiday
Mission Impossible: III
Save the Last Dance
Serving Sara
Star Trek: Nemesis
The Kite Runner
The Machinist
The Original Latin Kings of Comedy
There Will be Blood
What’s Eating Gilbert

Franck: TV shows are getting great title sequences now. The Jessica Jones one is really well made, it was really nice. Those TV series’ are basically movies now. They look as polished as movies. I mean, Game of Thrones , the visual quality that they have for everything – visual effects, acting, lighting, costumes – it’s movie quality but in a longer format that allows you to tell more stories and develop the characters even more.

* The sound of music = La novicia rebeld (the rebel nun) and in Spain Sonrisas y Lágrimas (Smiles and Tears)
* 656 dalmatians = La noche de las narices frías (the night of the cold noses I actually like that better in Spanish)
* My girl = Mi primer beso (my first kiss) and then they had that terrible situation of a sequel, and they just went with Mi Primer Beso 7.
* Rabbit Hole = Los secretos del corazón (the secrets of the heart. which sounds like a bad self-help book)
* Must love dogs = Se busca pareja (Date wanted)
* Top Gun = Pasión y gloria (Passion and Glory)
* Riding in car with boys = Los chicos de mi vida (The boys of my life)
and Juno = Crecer, correr y tropezar (Grow, run and stumble)

Spanish translations (as in Spain) are very different from other Spanish countries, like for example Argentina (where I come from). Die Hard was translated to 8775 Duro de Matar 8776 = Hard to Kill. Which I think is not bad. Others like 8775 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 8776 got 8775 La escapada de Ferris Bueller 8776 = 8775 Ferris Bueller 8767 s escape 8776 , also decent. 8775 The silence of the lambs 8776 = 8775 El silencio de los inocentes 8776 = The silence of the inosents. Not bad.

Hablando de los títulos cinemáticos, acuerdo cuando estaba en Chile y vi la película 8775 El ocaso de un asesino 8776 , que nunca vi con marketing en inglés. Estaba tratando decir a un amigo australiano que lo debería ver, pero no supe que se llamaba sencillamente 8775 The American 8776 .

Seriously sometimes there is an easy way to have the same English title in Spanish. For some reason someone thinks, 8775 no-let 8767 s put our own spin to it. 8776

For Point Break, I understand the title but I did not see the movie and to translate something properly, we need to know what the movie is all about. As a word and a sentence may have different translations or may work for one case but not the others. Otherwise it could be Dirija la pausa. but it is a free translation without seeing what the movie is about. You shall see the movie prior the translate just the title in the air like that.

is suddenly a lot more clear. We know now what you read. However, which should you use? Should you set off a title with italics or should you set it off with quotation marks? The rules for titles using italics and quotation marks can answer that question for you.

English original:         Fist of Legend
Spanish translation:  Jet Li es el Mejor Luchador
English meaning:       Jet Li is the Best Fighter

Tim: The wedgie is definitely a great moment! But mostly I love the way it starts, coming out of the abstract, glowing coils of the lighter. It’s a great opening beat.

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