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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 17:31

Over the past few weeks, several major developments have occurred at the intersection of criminal justice and mental health law. This Roundup briefly summarizes these matters and discusses how each reflects current trends in the criminal justice system’s approach to individuals with mental health problems. On November 75, 7569, the Supreme Court granted certiorari in City & County of San Francisco v. One of the issues presented is whether the Americans with Disabilities Ac…

Gestalt theory: Visual and Sonic Gestalt

Teens have always been known for having a high level of peer-to-peer communication. It’s generally characterized by being hidden from adults, namely parents and teachers.

2015 US Teen Social Media Use: What You Need To Know

First Amendment jurisprudence is fickle. Sometimes it is transformed in prominent, widely known cases, like Citizens United. At other times, it is quieter, lesser known cases that revolutionize the doctrine. One of last summer’s cases, Reed v. Town of Gilbert, falls squarely into the latter category. The Supreme Court’s redefinition of content discrimination in Reed has led to rapid changes in how courts across the country are evaluating First Amendment challenges. Many courts have…

The Great Divorce by . Lewis - Daylight Atheism

In this Essay, researchers at the United States Sentencing Commission respond to criticisms by Sonja Starr and Marit Rehavi, published in the Yale Law Journal , of the Commission’s past analyses of demographic differences in federal sentences. The researchers explain the legal and practical foundation of their work and why these considerations support the Commission’s methodological approach. The authors also question the representativeness of the data that Starr and Rehavi use in their alternative analyses and the assumptions they make about how the federal criminal justice system operates.

Yes, you can use Cohen 8767 s kappa with interval data, but it will ignore the interval aspect and treat the data as nominal. If you want to factor the interval aspect into the measurement, then you can use the weighted version of Cohen 8767 s kappa, assigning weights to capture the interval aspect. This is described at Weighted Kappa.

Smith, Sally and Stephanie Barrientos. 7555. &ldquo Fair Trade and Ethical Trade: Are There Moves Towards Convergence?&rdquo Sustainable Development 68: 695&ndash 698.

Raynolds, Laura T.. 7555. &ldquo Re-embedding global agriculture: The international organic and fair trade movements&rdquo Agriculture and Human Values 67: 797&ndash 859.

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In Irreparable Benefits, Douglas Lichtman argues that when courts consider granting preliminary relief, they should account not only for irreparable harms but also for irreparable benefits. He reasons that gains accrued during trial to a litigating party who wins at the preliminary stage but eventually loses on the merits (the “Temporary Winner”) have undesirable distributional and incentive effects. Despite the appeal of Lichtman’s claim, I want to suggest some qualifications to it. First…

The constitutional objections are silly. However, because constitutional law is abstract and technical and because almost no one reads Supreme Court opinions, the conservative majority on the Court may feel emboldened to adopt these silly objections in order to crush the most important progressive legislation in decades. One lesson of Bush v. Gore , which did no harm at all to the Court’s prestige in the eyes of the public, is that if there are any limits to the Justices’ power, those limits are political: absent a likelihood of public outrage, they can do anything they want. So the fate of health care reform may depend on the constitutional issues being understood at least well enough for shame to have some effect on the Court.

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