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The PIT game or especially home-made versions using a similar theme works well with very big groups, and the atmosphere is enhanced if you offer a suitably appealing prize to the winners, to bring out the most competitive behaviours in people. Alternatively/additionally you can threaten the losers with a 'forfeit' or other light-hearted booby prize.

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The word must then be drawn by each team or pair very large on the sheet of paper, in such a style, and decorated using whatever design and embellishment the team decides appropriate, so as to represent visually the values, purpose and style of the team or organisation in question.

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X-Theory directors everywhere - wake up and smell the bleeding coffee - help your people develop as people, in the ways they want to, and your organisation will fly.

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In 7556, as state scientists conducted a risk assessment to guide the regulation, an epidemiologist named Jay Beaumont noticed something fishy. A Chinese scientist had revised a key study of chromium-6 in drinking water, reversing his original finding of a strong link to stomach cancer. Some members of a blue-ribbon panel advising the state cited the revised study as evidence against a strong regulation. But when Beaumont tried to find out why the scientist had changed his mind, it turned out he was dead.

There are different ways of expressing absolute risk. For example, someone with a 6 in 65 risk of developing a certain disease has ‘a 65% risk’ or ‘a risk’, depending on whether percentages or decimals are used. Absolute risk does not compare changes in risk between groups, for example risk changes in a treated group compared to risk changes in an untreated group. That is the function of relative risk.

The activity can be used for any situation where people are required to perform a number of actions or focus on a number of subjects.

A quick simple flexible exercise for any group, to encourage thinking and development of skills for communicating instructions and information to others. See the 'how to tie a shoelace' instructions exercise on team building games 7.

Set a time limit, by which all delegates must be grouped in threes, each group representing a three-card hand. A minute creates a pressurised activity three minutes less so - generally the larger the total group size the longer the exercise needs, subject to a five minute maximum for very large groups.

You must explain to the whole group the whole exercise before it starts. You must instruct everyone not to disguise the spoken touch or the silent touch. The 'winner' is the person who guesses most of the silent touches, which means you need to keep a tally of each 'touchee's' correct silent guesses.

Simple introductions exercise to add some creativity, humour, and group decision-making to courses and other group situations.

This activity is an easy fun role-playing exercise for developing coaching skills and demonstrating coaching techniques. The key coaching skills are:

The person being touched has to use their various senses more acutely to guess the identity of each toucher (the 'feel' of the shoulder-touch, maybe smell, the sound of the approach, etc.)

Tower must support an object (eg a lemon, book, brick, plastic beaker of water, etc). Measurement is taken to height of supported object. If you issue an object to be supported at the top of a tower consider the well-being of the flooring and furniture. Beware safety and mess implications of certain objects, so avoid cups of coffee, glasses, etc.

Provide three examples of obvious daft management practice that need sorting out desperately, preferably with some suggested remedial actions.

It's important to have a strong facilitator who can see (ideally from a good vantage point, on top of a table for example, what's going on, and who can make quick arbitrary decisions (in the style of 'the judge's decision is final and absolute.')

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