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Date of publication: 2017-08-29 15:21

Today, however, Anno had a press conference to discuss something called 8775 Project Studio Q 8776 . Not much info was available before the press conference (and will update the post as more info is available) but it appears that this is a new studio based in Fukuoka City that 8767 s formed together with Dwango, Aso College, and Studio Khara and will be working mainly with 8D and CG.

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We’ve had many people ask us if we’ll be honoring pre-orders for Evangelion now that it’s in stock. To clarify, we will indeed be fulfilling pre-orders for Evangelion , including pre-orders placed when this item was first announced in 7568.

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Hi, I m PrinceCosplay from Youtube and I would like it if you would post the link to my ust for What s Color. http:///?japeswkk66ia6j9

Sorry for disturbing, but can you put in brackets (IshimaruMisheru from youtube) for The Daughter of Evil -velvet mix- ust by HikariMiyuki?

ppl get confused when I comment ^^

Daughter of Evil -velvet mix- (ust) by HikariMiyuki (IshimaruMisheru)

thanks for reading. ^^

My wish is for this project to serve as a platform that upcoming generations of Japanese voice actors and actresses, musicians, and other members of the entertainment industry can use to connect with fans around the world. Not just in sharing music through CDs, but also through other simple yet innovative formats.

Why don t you call me yet? USY by sango here: http:///watch?v=k5m7EN9gKdk& playnext_from=TL& videos=_cMeJLD6Cjg& feature=sub

Campanella UST by Chasing Fireflies: http:///file/ZlzNO57u/Campanella_

New link for Braveheart: http:///?9e59ev8jqm76v8d

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