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Date of publication: 2017-08-21 04:26

THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY Seventeenth Century Intellectual and Social Background Donne's Meditations, Johnson and Eliot's Criticism


Thankfully for everyone, vocabulary and grammar questions on the AP English Literature exam tend not to focus on scientific jargon, obscure verb tenses, or the nuances of semi vs. full colon. Usually, they ask for the meaning of certain words or various parts of speech in relation to another part. The most popular grammar option asks for referents or other connections, such as the subject of a verb phrase. We don't need to know about dangling prepositions or split infinitives or any other grammatical faux pas, though.

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Using imagery and figurative language is like putting a powerful, sweaty athlete in formal wear , but for writing. It's not that we're turning sentences into fabulous paper dolls with various prom-themed outfits, of course. Without imagery and figurative language, the story is still there, and the characters are still creepy, endearing, or sad, but with them, the whole picture changes.

In conclusion, the authors of both A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess - and Frankenstein - Mary Shelley have don e well in concealing the ideas of an outcast in their novels, using the actions of the characters and knowledge of systematic psychological and sociological emotions the ideas of an outcast in the novels were unveiled.

In prose, a form and structure question may ask about plot. Plot is notoriously difficult to pin down on these types of exams, though, because we don't have the entire novel in front of us—just a tiny piece. Regardless, knowing basic plot elements can't hurt, unless you hit yourself in the head with Freytag's Pyramid. That probably isn't super likely, though.

THE VICTORIAN PERIOD Mill, Bentham and Victorian Culture Huxley, Arnold and the kind of education you should pursue after high school

In conclusion I think that comedy plays a major role in the part of portraying the perceptions of love. Though the play has a very good potential of becoming tragic, this makes the audience appreciate the happy ending. Also I think it makes the play more comical because of the fact it was so close to going wrong for the characters and makes the ending much more of a relief and welcomed so greatly by the audience. BY GEORGINA WADSLEY

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