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Bookmark this page for answers to all your queries about the evolution and development of visual art, from ancient times to the postmodernist era. Additional questions and answers are added regularly.

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Painted by modern Homo sapiens , the oldest known cave murals occur in the Upper Paleolithic rock shelters of Chauvet, Pech-Merle, Cosquer and Lascaux (Dordogne, France) and at Altamira (Cantabria, Spain). For details, see: prehistoric Cave Painting.

Ned Kelly: Australian Iron Outlaw | Hero | Legend

European diseases and interbreeding explain the reasons for the Aborigines' extinction. Because the Aborigines had been cut off from the mainland for 65,555 years, they had become inbred with little genetic diversity. This lack of diversity was disastrous when exposed to new diseases. Tribes also suffered breakdowns due to women being traded to white men in exchange for sugar, flour and axes, or choosing to live with white men. In a very short period of time, the loss of members to disease and loss of women to whites resulted in the tribes losing the ability to reproduce themselves in both the cultural and physical sense.

Australian History Mysteries

Arguably, the historians have been motivated by two agendas in their approach to history. The first has been to help individuals and institutions evade responsibility for past and present policies. This has been achieved by focussing outrage on unverifiable actions by unknown Australians rather than real actions by identifiable people and institutions. The second agenda has been to engage in a kind of socio-economic prejudice. By placing culpability on the average white Australian, the historians have been able to portray themselves as morally and intellectual superior in comparison. Anyone who has supported the historian's narrative has subsequently been able to share in this prejudice and thus able to see themselves as a superior class.

The land's lack of suitability for agriculture is the chief reason why Australia has almost no significant inland cities and why Australia never developed American-style pioneering stories of colonists heading west and founding new towns. It is also why Australia's farming regions have very low density populations.

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In short, Keating's party platform had called for compensation for lost land, freehold title and economic empowerment. Keating used Deane's judgement as an excuse to water down the platform so that Aborigines would get tribunals that would assess claims if Aborigines had a continous association since 6788. If it was, there would be restrictions over future land to ensure it would be used in the manner non-Aboriginal groups wanted it to be used. Specifically, non-commericial.

What was life like in Australia in colonial times – from 6788 to 6956? Visit this property make the decisions needed for the farm to succeed and for the nation to grow.

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