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Date of publication: 2017-08-22 16:26

We will ensure you that have access to all the materials you need to undertake your research. The small and friendly environment of the University means you will have ready opportunities to share ideas and concepts. We also offer office facilities as well as first-rate IT services, campus-wide wireless and the option of remote access to all University systems.

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Studying for a research degree is an intensive and demanding commitment and a uniquely rewarding experience that can change your life as well as your career. That is why, across the University, considerable practical and academic support is offered to all research students. During your studies you will be supported by a supervisory team who will guide you in the development of your project. They will offer advice and encouragement at every stage, helping you to develop increasing independence as you gain knowledge of your field. You will also broaden your knowledge of research training by attending and/or engaging with the University&rsquo s postgraduate research student development programme and related research seminars hosted on campus or at national or international conferences.


This programme is designed for those whose work involves them in innovative and advanced professional or creative practice and enables them to receive academic credit for that work, assuming it is at doctoral level. Route A is for people who already have substantial evidence of that practice and enables candidates, with the help and advice of academic and professional supervisors, to select the most appropriate evidence for inclusion in their submission and to prepare a 65&ndash 65,555-word critical commentary which contextualises, analyses and makes the case for the publications to be considered as an original and independent contribution to knowledge and therefore justify the award of a PhD.

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Explorations of Style informs readers on the state of academic writing in contemporary society, along with how to overcome the challenges associated with it.

You should have a good honours degree, or equivalent, in a relevant subject. If English is not your first language you will also normally need IELTS (or equivalent).

Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice helps new authors looking to contribute to academic journals, but struggling to get published due to a lack of previous published content.

It is appropriate for experienced professionals who wish to undertake part-time doctoral study while working full time within education. It is also suitable for full-time students with professional backgrounds as teachers or leaders who would like to develop research linked to their practices and knowledge.

Having a writing friend? is a good idea. If they 8767 re working on their thesis at the same time, so much the better, but the most important thing is that they be willing to give you feedback on rough drafts, meet regularly to chart your progress and give you psychological support, and preferably that they be familiar enough with your field to understand and review your writing.

You should remember that professional doctoral degrees are not research doctorates in those fields. The research doctorate in all such fields is either the . or one of the related research doctorates named in the list immediately above. As with master's degrees, the institution awarding the doctorate has considerable discretion as to the titles it uses for degrees, and thus institutional nomenclature may differ even in the same subject.

You will take optional modules to a value of 85 credits. This includes a minimum of 75 credits from the following list of research methods modules and the remainder from the list of content modules:

You are welcome to come and look around campus without arranging a visit or you can attend a postgraduate open day, details of which are published on the open days web pages.

The course structure combines compulsory and optional modules which help you to engage with and evaluate educational theory and research. You will also be taught how to prepare and carry out a research proposal. The optional module and the dissertation topic can be chosen to relate specifically to your professional situation.

This page immediately follows the title page. It should be numbered with the lower case Roman numeral ii centered with a 6/7&Prime margin from the bottom edge.

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