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What will that look like for you? What are you willing to let go of so you can feel connection instead of resentment, calm instead of exhaustion, creativity instead of stress? Maybe some cleanliness, maybe some moments with your children, maybe some control over the household? You get to choose. Maybe you 8767 ll choose the things you 8767 re currently doing, exactly as they are, because it truly *is* more important to you to keep house a certain or spend as much time as possible with your children. But then you will know you have consciously chosen that and can truly appreciate it instead of being tortured by it.

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A week later, I told my mother what my father had done to me and she confronted him. He denied it at first but later confessed. The three of us went to see a therapist together and she concludeded that my father was sorry, he would not hurt me again and that keeping our household “stable” was the best way for us to heal. Afraid to be alone, my mother agreed. So we continued to live together as one of the few nuclear African American families in our neighborhood–a pretty picture.

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I am not sure that the opposite of self-less is self-ish, nor that either precisely describes our roles pre or post children, or domesticating vs. art-making, but they are terms worth getting to the bottom of. Also, I think of my art-making time as a hinge as well when I chose to prioritize it, I also think I am showing my son (and anyone 8767 s son, and anyone 8767 s daughter) that art, writing, creative-making is worthy and necessary of attention. And not at the expense of the rest of my life.

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Or you may have to let go of your expectations about housework. Are you getting more satisfaction from picking up the underwear than from your writing? If not, you have choices: for example, have a clear conversation with your husband about what you 8767 re now choosing to stop doing, what you 8767 re asking him to start doing, what you 8767 re willing to change, and what you 8767 re willing to let go of. Then trust that he will do his part but be willing to let consequences to unfold if he doesn 8767 t. If he doesn 8767 t pick up his underwear, leave it there. Let the towel mold, let him run out of underwear if necessary just let go psychically and let it unfold as it will.

Oh my goodness, I don 8767 t know where to begin except to say thank you for articulating nearly every feeling I 8767 ve had while being a mother and a writer simultaneously. I loved your phrase about life before children as a 8775 drifting miasma of mood. 8776 I can so relate to that. And the idea of listening to a podcast and going vegan. Ha! Close to my experiences as well.

In my home, there are some things my husband does because he knows they drain me (all after-meal cleanup, travel arrangements, fixing things). There are other things we pay for (some cleaning, some laundry, some childcare, groceries delivered by Fresh Direct, diapers delivered by Amazon, consultations on the best kindergarten) and some things we let go of (perfect order and cleanliness, folded laundry). There are some things I do (baths and bedtime, meal planning, managing the childcare, doctor’s appointment, education/school appointments, teaching our son to read). The key is that I do what I most want to do, and as much as possible, and in whatever way possible, let go of the things I really hate doing.

My job when I am with my children is to have as few needs as possible so that I can meet theirs. It is my job to let my three-year-old dawdle on the potty of a Starbucks until he is sure he is done, even if I think I might shit my pants. It is my job to help him stop crying when he is overtired, even if I myself am so overtired I could cry. It is my job to be invisible to him.

But this only intensified my rush to escape and I moved the wedding up to Las Vegas. I picked a chapel with the best picture deal: Five-hundred dollars for thirty-six portraits, a special frame, a small cake, a bridal bouquet and a limo ride.

What shocks me in the article, and in many of the comments below, is how husbands, men partners, should we say, are not considered partners at all in the family life, but part of the list of tasks.
Even more shocking to me, the acceptation of all the women, who pick up dirty underwear, make dinner because the poor men can 8767 t learn, and do all the child-caring and things related to school. Is it possible things are that difficult because you 8767 re doing them alone? And is it possible you don 8767 t want to share? As the writer was saying, she actually wants to deal with the school minutiae by herself.

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