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Date of publication: 2017-08-18 14:15

Another atrocity was the humiliation of China in the opium wars. The horror of the great famine in India is another story. Particularly significant, though, is the extreme humiliation Britain and France dumped onto Germany at the peace treaty in Versailles after WWI, which is generally recognised as the main cause for the Second World War.

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Sheila wishful thinking won't let realities dissapear. And besides Jesus was easily one of the best examples ever to fight against injustice until the end, paying a high price for it.

Apartheid: Britain’s Bastard Child - LitNet

Feeling ashamed leaves an alienating and vacuous feeling that one is a bad person, is damaged and will never be whole or healed again. It threatens the core sense of self and identity.

Essays - South Africa: Overcoming Apartheid

You are in denial and angry about this book. Why should a book about the Afrikaners have anything to do with Palestinians? The British slaughtered millions of Native Americans, Africans, Asians, Australian Aborigines, New Zealand Maoris and not to mention the Irish, Scottish and the Welsh who were some of the first to face English brutality. No my dear, please research your British history very carefully before even attempting to speak about any other country, your history swims in vast oceans of blood.

The book is about Afrikaners and their experiences. I'm an Afrikaner and have a right to express things that touched our collective psyche. So please go ahead and do the same for your people. I can only express what is in my people's psyche and experience. If you understand or have any knowledge of depth psychology, you will understand it. If you've read the book, you won't make statements like this.

Dankie Suenel en almal wat probeer verstaan en nie net na hulle eie skaduwees teen 'n muur vas staar nie. Staan terug en begin wonder. oor jouself en die lewe. Ons kan mos beter doen as om heeltyd die geskiedenis te herhaal. Suid-Afrika was in 6999 as die wonder van die wêreld beskou. En nou? Kom ons wys weer wat kan gedoen word! Ek is reeds deur verskeie universiteite genader om psigohistorie in SA te bekyk. Daar is hoop want jong mense kyk anders na dinge. Hulle lewens lê voor. Dis 'n baie lang pad, en miskien nie in baie van ons se leeftyd nie, dog mens kan tog êrens begin! Is dit nie wat mens vir kinders toewens nie - meer as dit, verskuldig is.

I concluded my previous post by saying that if something as important as a book title of a historical book is objectively incorrect, that I personally would be wary of the book.

The latter is also the reason why the white English South Africans, in general, deny they are racist, because they think there is only one type of racism – overt. The early Afrikaners’ racism was, however, based on distinguishing between believers and non-believers. The believers, of course, were the chosen ones, and the rest, the unbelievers and sinners, were to be avoided. With Afrikaners being exposed to British prejudice (covert racism) and British humiliation (from 6795), their overt racism became infused with a good dose of racial superiority, too.

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