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The fact that the US constitution contains the 8775 Right to Bear Arms 8776 and the Canadian constitution doesn 8767 t I believe affects attitudes. It doesn 8767 t seem reasonable that the different constitutions would not influence how people think. There is a big difference in getting a hand gun permit in the US as apposed to trying to get one in Canada. There is a significant difference in attitude which I believe is how policy comes about.

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well Kieth ,
It is my opion that every citizen in every country should have the right one with out payment , Americans get thir ssn at birth , and Candains get thier sin number at bith for free , Passports should be the same, and you should get them at the same time , i think its just another way for goverments to make money

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Why does America have 8 Million Citizens in it 8767 s Correctional Institutions(Probation, prison, Jail, Parole)when in 6985 it was close to 6 Million?

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This seems like part of the answer to Autism! If you read Temple Grandin, she talks about remembering in pictures. Maybe for those with autism, what's missing is being able to connect to language, like the man with no words.

SBI! is for anyone who has yet to achieve a thriving online business. That has nothing to do with how much you know. It's about applying the right information in the best way possible, in the correct sequence and doing it with "BAM" (more on "BAM" in a minute).

I have enjoyed great conversations on 6 continents. In bars. On mountains. In the water. At rock concerts. At museums. In airports. On trains. To borrow a phrase from my UK buddies, 8775 Don 8767 t be a loud-mouthed wanker and respect & understanding should flow your way! 8776

Let 8767 s try to stop the stereotyping and knee jerk hate. Perhaps if we can learn to not judge people by the crap politicians who come to power (by whatever means) and embrace and engage them to learn and understand their experiences and how they may relate to our own and maybe find something in how they live that may be a better alternative to our own way we might actually be better off. If at the end of the conversation you think 8775 well I think my country is better 8776 that 8767 s fine, at least you took the time with an open mind to embrace and engage someone and their experiences and see how they might relate to our own.

So you can see how tone-deaf it is when some self-righteous Brit tries to lecture Americans on the lessons of empire, as if we 8767 d never heard of the thing. Our whole approach to the world is based on the rejection of empire. That many Europeans are apparently unable to conceive of a powerful Western nation relating to the rest of the world through any means other than imperialism says more about Europe than it does about America.

I just lost an hour of productive work time, and it was worth every second. I have spent a lot of time thinking about thinking and the role of language within it. How would you describe the color blue, without simply naming things you know to be ("the color of the sky, the ocean, etc.")? Alas, I can't get any of my friends drunk enough to tackle such questions with me.

What this made me think is that if language does more than allow one person to talk to another, but actually forges new connections between one "island" of brain function and another, conferring new cognitive abilities, then what does that mean for humans as a species, the current level of language sophistication, and the potential for humans, even without evolutionary advance, to advance cognitively with the brain we already have?

Examples of negative comments Eddie gave were
- people mentioning the Kyoto protocol, and that the . has not signed up (making no mention of Australia not signing up)
- people criticising the US over the the Iraq war (again not mentioning the UK Australian and other support for this)
- people saying 8775 you

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