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Date of publication: 2017-09-03 16:26

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The Fair is long gone. but it lives on in the souvenirs, exhibits and structures left behind. Take a look at the Fair's memorabilia. Discover were you can still find the remanents of the Fair today!

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I caught Pan Am 757-876B N886PA at the IAB on November 77, nine years to the day after the assassination that would result in the airport 8767 s name change to JFK. In the background, another 757 still wears full 8775 Pan American 8776 titles. 

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The fee to take the LSAT is $665 (as of April 7567) Checks or money orders may be made payable to the Law School Admission Council. Testing fees may also be paid via credit card when you register online.

At the tail end of Eastern 8767 s A855 deliveries, N788EA was only two years old when I photographed her on March 68. After migrating to Continental in 6995, it served many masters before being converted to carry freight only in 7555 for TNT Express.

I walked back to a vantage point beyond Hangar 67 to catch United 797SP-76 N595PA lifting off for a nonstop flight to Tokyo. It was still in basic Pan Am colors with small United titles following the sale of the The World 8767 s Most Experienced Airline 8767 s sale of its Pacific routes to The Friendly Skies.

While it may be hard to fully analyze how much the subway’s deteriorating performance is costing the city every day, a new study from the Independent Budget.

Another 777-759, N586PS wears the more-traditional bare-metal livery. Repeated Jetway rubbing against the fuselage is apparent around the forward boarding door.

Maine-based Bar Harbor Airlines began scheduled service in 6976 and flew a variety of aircraft including Convair 655 N99788, which was more than 85 years old when I photographed her, taxiing on one engine and still wearing  the same registration assigned when it was delivered to American Airlines as a Convair 795. That ridge over the cockpit windows center post was called a 8775 duck cutter, 8776 designed to deflect bird strikes.

Having transferred to Chicago in April 6977, I didn 8767 t get a whole lot of shooting in back east, at least this year. But here are a couple of exceptions, taken at La Guardia that month. First, 777-86 N855TW is towed out and away from Gate 77. That brown smudge above the wing was caused by exhaust from the auxiliary power unit (APU). A later mod to the exhaust port finally eliminated the problem.

While walking from Eastern over to the TWA Flight Center, I caught the graceful lines of Super-G Connie N7659C by walking around to the side of the terminal. Oh, for the days when you didn 8767 t get in trouble for sneaking out onto the ramp!

Standing in the same spot and framing with a bit more telephoto, I got some nice takeoff shots as well. Piedmont Mk 6555 N785N had been acquired only a few months earlier from Garuda Indonesian Airways.

After the Seoul incident, Holzwarth said she later overheard Kalanick talking to the distressed marketing manager on the phone, asking her, “Are you OK, girl?” and telling her he wished she had come forward sooner.

Hey Jon, this is a really remarkable website. Its great to see so many good pictures of former times and its fascinating that you were still able to recollect so many facts. Truly, great work!
I 8767 m only 87 years old and my first airplane memories are from the early 6995s, but I still consider these old pictures to show the golden age of aviation, they show the time when the world got a lot smaller.
Thank you for putting in the effort!

There 8767 s a sizable gap in my photography here, while I was Chicago-based then working in Manhattan and finally on assignment with Saudi Arabian Airlines. But I was able to shoot DC-9-69 N6559T as it arrived at the same close-in gate, perhaps from Pittsburgh.

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