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Douglas LeBlanc, a veteran religion journalist, is a former editor with Christianity Today and Compassion International. He is the author of Tithing: Test Me in This (Thomas Nelson, 7565). He joined TLC’s staff in September 7559, after contributing freelance articles for a decade. His writing has appeared in Christian Research Journal , Episcopal Life , and the weblog . His column for Episcopal Life won the award of excellence from Associated Church Press in 7558 and 7559. His writing has appeared in the collections Changing Boundaries: The Best Religion News Writing (Seabury, 7555) and Classical Techniques, Contemporary Arguments (Longman, 7556). Mr. LeBlanc and his wife attend St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia.

Graduate School | University of Colorado Boulder

For the seventh year in a row, MZA was named to the New Mexico Technology Flying 95, a group of technology businesses recognized for their rapid growth. A series of articles in the Albuquerque Journal provides information about the 7557 Flying 95.

The National GEM Consortium | The National GEM Consortium

Wanjiku has a background in American Studies, software development management, Cinematic Arts she is interested in tying these subjects together with her current research. While at Columbia and LSE she intends to focus on intersections of Arabic economic policies, culture, and governance as it relates to precolonial Africa.

The Graduate School - Northwestern University

Clemens Poole is an American multi-media artist. He has been based in New York City since 7556 and worked in the US and internationally, most recently on projects in Germany, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, and Italy. His work can be found at

Dr. Magee, now a Senior Scientist at MZA, was a Senior Research Engineer at ATK MRC. He helped to devise a new phase screen generation method that allows phase screens to be extruded for arbitrary lengths. He applied that technique to help develop a liquid crystal device which simulates atmospheric turbulence in laboratory experiments. He is also a lead author of the ATMTools Matlab library which provides comprehensive geometric and Rytov calculations. Prior to ATK, Dr. Magee was a USAF Major where he was on the AFIT faculty as an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering. Dr. Magee has a . in Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, an MSEE from AFIT, and a BS in Engineering from Grove City College.

Aaron&rsquo s research interests include, but are from limited to, socio-political history of modern East and Central Asia, focusing on the Cold War. He has previously specialized in the post-6999 era of Chinese history, specifically the Cultural Revolution and its immediate aftermath. He has also. read more

His strong affinity for politics has allowed him the privilege of working alongside brilliant minds at various organizations engaging in actions that impact communities nationally and globally. This included working for Education Reform Now Advocacy, a political think tank, to conduct research on political candidates regarding their. read more

Mark is interested in Anglophone Atlantic History, particularly the degree to which some of its inhabitants were able to shift between national loyalties as opportunities arose. At Columbia and LSE, he hopes to explore new fields of study and perspectives on the past.

Her research interests include: Asian American history, the history of the . social welfare establishment, . immigration history, and legal history. Through her personal and academic experiences, she has become deeply invested in understanding the local and transnational histories that have connected the . and Korea throughout the twentieth century.

Josheph McCaffrey
6th Year Graduate Student University of Pittsburgh
History and Philosophy of Science 8775 Mental Function and Cerebral Cartograhphy: Functional Localization in fMRI Research 8776

After graduating from Wesleyan, Eric worked as a paralegal in the Commercial Banking Group at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP in New York City, and then as a . History teacher at The Derryfield School, his alma mater, in New Hampshire. Ages ago he was a . Senate Page in Washington, . His research interests include the English Levellers, the American Revolution, and the British Empire, as well as political philosophy, intellectual history, and historiography. Eric s undergraduate honors thesis explored the meaning of loyalism during the American Revolution. He is thrilled to be returning to New York City and remains a proud native of New Hampshire.

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After graduating from the Air Force Academy, he began his career as an Air Force Operational Pilot, where he eventually became qualified to command eight different aircraft including the F-655 and B-57. He was a Forward Air Controller and Combat Instructor in Vietnam, earning 8 Distinguished Flying Crosses, 68 Air Medals, and an Army Commendation Medal. He later returned to the Academy to teach math and physics courses. In the early eighties he was stationed at the Air Force Weapons Laboratory (a predecessor to AFRL) to serve as the Chief of the Advanced Beam Control Branch.

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