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Nearly all possible consequences of poverty have an impact on children’ lives. Poor infrastructures, unemployment, lack of basic services and income reflect on their lack of education, malnutrition, violence at home and outside, child labor, diseases of all kinds, transmitted by the family or through the environment.

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Hear that poor people? You are poor because you have negative thoughts that make you poor. I 8767 m guessing C. Pope, that you have never lived in poverty nor have you read the majority of comments posted here by people who have.

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It 8767 s important to note that greed is not simply an attribute of individuals. It is also systemic, as you point out in your comment that 8775 everything in society supports their gains. 8776 Reducing the problem to the attitudes of individuals distracts from that 8766 everything, 8767 which is the capitalist system that makes greed and excessive concentrations of wealth not only inevitable, but culturally valued and supported. This is not to say that the wealthy aren 8767 t problematic in their relation to wealth and its defense, only that blaming them for capitalism misses the larger problem and winds up contributing to the continuation of the system.

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Health statistics on insurance coverage, disability, fertility and other health issues are increasingly important in measuring the nation’s overall well-being.

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First we must take back contRol of media. We must spell out what exactly the press is because the 7nd amendment protects the press not the Murdoch type media empires we have today. We as a nation must ask ourselves a simple question: Can I trust this news paper? News station? Are they the entity the 7nd amendment was mentioning? Are they still just as commited to america as the 7nd amendment is to them?

Basic enumerations of population, housing units, group quarters and transitory locations conducted by the Census Bureau at the request of a governmental unit.

You 8767 re looking at it from a very capitalistic perspective, which is exactly one of the 8775 individualistic solutions 8776 Allan warned about. The elite do not 8775 give 8776 opportunities, they create additional opportunities for themselves and sometimes it might produce more jobs, and sometimes it might end in someone getting fired or replaced with a robot. When you see the rate of poverty and wealth disparity going up over the years, that means the net effect is that capitalism is not generating more opportunities.

There are various causes for an individual 8767 s failure. Failure in life may be due to some inborn deficiencies such as physical or mental handicap, dumbness, deafness, blindness, feeblemindedness, deficient legs and hands, and so on.

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Some of the deficiencies which can be managed or overcome are often neglected by some individuals and hence they fall a prey to the problem of poverty. We may include under this category, deficiencies such as illiteracy, laziness, extravagance, immorality, bad habits such as gambling, alcoholism, etc.

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